Change Log

Pyro 5.15

  • removed Python 3.7 from the support list (it is EOL). Now supported on Python 3.8 or newer.

  • fixed cgi.parse deprecation problem in http gateway

  • removed jquery dependency in http gateway

  • some small tweaks to setup, tests, examples, and docs.

  • updated the self-signed example certificates and serial numbers in the ssl example.

Pyro 5.14

  • http gateway now also has OPTION call with CORS

  • fixed deprecation warning about setting threads in daemon mode

  • fixed more threading module deprecation warnings

  • proxy now correctly exposes remote __len__, __iter__ and __getitem__ etc

  • improved type hint for expose()

  • added Proxy._pyroLocalSocket property that is the local socket address used in the proxy.

  • serve() no longer defaults host parameter to empty string, but None. To be more similar to what a creation of Daemon() normally does.

  • fixed a Python 3.11 serialization issue

Pyro 5.13.1

  • fixed @expose issue on static method/classmethod due to API change in Python 3.10

Pyro 5.13

  • removed Python 3.6 from the support list (it is EOL). Now supported on Python 3.7 or newer

  • corrected documentation about autoproxy: this feature is not configurable, it is always active.

  • introduced SERPENT_BYTES_REPR config item (and updated serpent library version requirement for this)

  • flush nameserver output to console before entering request loop

  • added optional boolean “weak” parameter to Daemon.register(), to register a weak reference to the server object that will be unregistered automatically when the server object gets deleted.

  • switched from travis to using github actions for CI builds and tests

Pyro 5.12

  • fixed error when import Pyro5.server (workaround was to import Pyro5.core before it)

  • documented SSL_CACERTS config item

  • removed Python 3.5 from the support list (it is EOL). Now requires Python 3.6 or newer

Pyro 5.11

  • reworked the timezones example. (it didn’t work as intended)

  • httpgateway message data bytearray type fix

  • fixed ipv6 error in filetransfer example

  • added methodcall_error_handler in documentation

Pyro 5.10

  • finally ported over the unit test suite from Pyro4

  • finally updated the documentation from Pyro4 to Pyro5 (there’s likely still some errors or omissions though)

  • fixed regex lookup index error in nameserver

  • the 4 custom class (un)register methods on the SerializerBase class are now also directly available in the api module

Pyro 5.9.2

  • fixed a silent error in the server when doing error handling (avoid calling getpeername() which may fail) this issue could cause a method call to not being executed in a certain specific scenario. (oneway call on MacOS when using unix domain sockets). Still, it’s probably wise to upgrade as this was a regression since version 5.8.

Pyro 5.9.1

  • fixed some circular import conflicts

  • fixed empty nameserver host lookup issue

Pyro 5.9

  • added privilege-separation example

  • added methodcall_error_handler to Daemon that allows you to provide a custom error handler, which is called when an exception occurs in the method call’s user code

  • introduced api.serve / server.serve as a replacement for the static class method Daemon.serveSimple

  • fix possible race condition when creating instances with instancemode “single”

  • introduced some more type hintings

Pyro 5.8

  • cython compatibility fix

  • removed explicit version checks of dependencies such as serpent. This fixes crash error when dealing with prerelease versions that didn’t match the pattern.

Pyro 5.7

  • fixed possible attribute error in proxy del method at interpreter shutdown

  • gave the serialization example a clearer name ‘custom-serialization’

  • added NS_LOOKUP_DELAY config item and parameter to resolve() to have an optional wait delay until a name becomes available in the nameserver

  • added lookup() and yplookup() utility functions that implement this retry mechanism

Pyro 5.6

  • improved and cleaned up exception handling throughout the code base

  • URIs now accept spaces in the location part. This is useful for unix domain sockets.

Pyro 5.5

  • made msgpack serializer optional

  • Anaconda ‘pyro5’ package created

Pyro 5.4

  • made the decision that Pyro5 will require Python 3.5 or newer, and won’t support Python 2.7 (which will be EOL in january 2020)

  • begun making Pyro5 specific documentation instead of referring to Pyro4

  • tox tests now include Python 3.8 as well (because 3.8 beta was released recently)

  • dropped support for Python 3.4 (which has reached end-of-life status). Supported Python versions are now 2.7, and 3.5 or newer. (the life cycle status of the Python versions can be seen here

  • code cleanups, removing some old compatibility stuff etc.

Pyro 5.3

various things ported over from recent Pyro4 changes:

  • added a few more methods to the ‘private’ list

  • fix thread server worker thread name

  • on windows, the threaded server can now also be stopped with ctrl-c (sigint)

  • NATPORT behavior fix when 0

  • source dist archive is more complete now

  • small fix for cython

Pyro 5.2

  • travis CI python3.7 improvements

  • serialization improvements/fixes

  • reintroduced config object to make a possibility for a non-static (non-global) pyro configuration

Pyro 5.1

  • python 3.5 or newer is now required

  • socketutil module tweaks and cleanups

  • added a bunch of tests, taken from pyro4 mostly, for the socketutil module

  • moved to declarative setup.cfg rather than in

  • made sure the license is included in the distribution

Pyro 5.0

  • first public release